How can you use SchooLinguist in your school? SchooLinguist, a cloud-based digital recording solution, assists K-12 schools in improving student communication and collaboration skills. By providing an innovative two-way platform, SchooLinguist’s provides experiential learning opportunities by allowing students to record, listen, re-listen and submit audio of any nature to teachers any time. Teachers can listen, re-listen and respond any time. And it all takes place within the same application! No extra emails or files to transfer. SchooLinguist is currently used in Foreign Language, Fine Arts, and Debate programs, but the use of SchooLinguist is limited only by your imagination.

Google Classroom and Google Docs Integration

google classroom

google docs

google sheets

Drag and drop audio files to your player

High quality audio recording

Audio recording online and offline

User- Friendly Interface (Centralized File Management)

Teachers can provide instant feedback

Distribute digital resources to the class

Use Firefox or Chrome browser on your Mac, PC or Chromebook without installing any software

Create homework assignments